Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo — Lightweight 2005

On the greatest fights in boxing, this bout — Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo, May 7, 2005 would rank as one of the best. The ebb and flow in this match is unbelievable — this is a true thriller, an absolute whodunit, and a tale of bravery.

This is, to put it bluntly, why we watch this sport.

Watch. Don’t cheat and find out beforehand what happened. Let the game unfold.


The St Valentine’s Day Massacre: Robinson vs La Motta VI, Feb 14, 1951

There was a question asked in one of the quiz forums I am part on on facebook.

So I thought I will share an youtube video of the St Valentine’s Day Massacre, the last and bloodiest (but definitely not the best **) of all their 6-match rivalry.

Here too is a writeup from the internet.

Hardly a true rivalry — some of the fights were amazing (even in grainy black-and-white), but a 5-1 record says that it wasn’t really all it was touted up to be — Ali-Frazier this was not. La Motta (as you know from the movie et al) was all about bravery, and all respect to him. But Sugar Ray was truly one of the greatest of all time. Probably THE greatest of all time.

** That would be their fifth.

Where’s the sport?

IPL bores the life out of me.

EPL is not working out this season. Arsenal’s piss poor. Chelsea’s a little more piss poor. United’s a little less piss poor.

The Champion’s League is ‘only Barcelona’. I watch the matches, but with a devout dispassion.

The Masters’ was no fun.

Solis tripped and fell.

There are no grand slams happening now in tennis.

I have stopped watching F1 a while back – nobody to love with a passion – Senna. Nobody to hate with a passion – Schumacher. Nobody to follow with a passion, love or hate – Alonso (who is there but not quite).

Probably the world cup win took too much out of me.

Solis vs Vitali – quick prediction

Did you see Solis as an amateur? He could have been quite something…. he seems slow and overweight these days. However, it will take quite a bit to knock him down. Good technique, high hands (good to have against the giant Vitali), good chin et al. But if anybody can, Vitali can. Vitali’s got the punch strength, and the reach. And he is the best boxer in the world.

Not an open-and-shut case, this. Solis has a chance. But a small one.

Prediction: Vitali wins in 8+ rounds.

Mayweather vs Mosley

Look out for this fight. This might not be Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, but it is big enough. Sugar Shane Mosley is a serious, serious fighter.

Read the WSJ article here.

Will go for Floyd. I quite dislike him, but he is the best in the world. FTM I will go for Floyd against Manny as well…. all the while hoping Manny actually catches Floyd. I am a Manny fan.

Notice: Wladimir Klitschko vs David Haye has to happen now.

And please note all of you who think Haye would get slaughtered by Wlad, it might not be so. Wlad is a better boxer, has probably the best defence of recent boxers, but with Wlad, Haye has a shot. A tiny one, but a shot nevertheless. Vitali on the other hand would have given Haye no chance.

And if you ask me to predict, it has to be Wlad. On points. In a fine, competitive match.

And while on boxing, here’s an article one one of the three best boxing bouts I have seen. Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns. And unbelievably, this finished in three rounds. Read about it on the Daily Mail (here).