Interesting Man United Fact (Upto GW32, PL 12-13)

Interesting Observation:

In the PL, number of red cards against Man United this season? Zero. In the PL, number of red cards against Man United? Zero.

Has this ever happened to any team at all earlier in any season in any major football league? I doubt it.


Interesting? Yes. Surprising? No.


Jaxx View IV: Rangers against Man United

Jaxx View 4 (click here)

…Rangers short-changed football indeed! Rangers, playing away against a team about 20 ranks ahead of them in World Club rankings, short changed football indeed.
But of course Man United in 2008 against Barcelona didn’t, and Chelsea in 2009 against Barca again didn’t, and Inter against Barca last year didn’t (oooooh, Mourinho is such a genius too !), why even my beloved Arsenal against ManU at the finals of the 2005 FA Cup final didn’t. And these teams weren’t 20 positions behind the other in club rankings.

On Serena Williams

Why isn’t she as universally liked as say Pete Sampras, the one other all-time great her game resembles the most? A lot of finesse, but she very often can steamroll her opponents in a manner that might seem like she is overpowering them.

I think whichever reason it is, it is unfair. She is, and should always be remembered as a bona-fide legend. Her sister not quite so much though. It must be a little disheartening being Venus Williams, really.

Ghotis, Bangals and why you should support Mohun Bagan if you are Indian (or even Bangladeshi)

In Bengal, the three dominant clubs are Mohun Bagan (which belongs to the TRUE inhabitants of the Bengali land. My real club); East Bengal (East Bengal = what we call Bangladesh these days); and Mohammedan Sporting (which is the club the sizable Muslim / Mohammedan population in Bengal support.

I really have nothing against Md. Sp as long as they don’t have a match against my club, and I will support them if the match is against the refugees.

One of the major landmarks of the freedom struggle was in 1911, when the greatest Indian (infact the greatest south Asian, infact the greatest Asian) club ever, Mohun Bagan defeated the East Yorkshire Regiment in the IFA Shield final. This win gave the country confidence, made us believe that if 11 barefoot Mohun Bagan players can defeat the Brits in their game, we can win back our country. And we did.

And as you can understand, if you are Bengali, you are born into supporting one of the three clubs. If you are an Indian Bengali, you support Mohun Bagan. If you are a ex-Bangladeshi refugee, you support EB. If you are Muslim, you tend to support Mohammedan sporting. Mohun Bagan or East Bengal supporters among the Bengali Muslim are rare, of course more common these days than earlier, Mohammedan Sporting is not as strong as it used to be…

In fact, it might be a little impolite to ask someone if he/she is a real Bong or basically from Bangladesh. So the normal way is to just ask ‘Are you Mohun Bagan or East Bengal’…..

Now look, I am also fine with Bangladesh. You support your Abahoni Kreerachakra and your Dhaka Mohammedan, I don’t care. Just don’t land up here in our country and still do your East Bengal supporting shit.

And yes, since you asked, the bias is showing. Good that you noticed.