Suarez and Arsenal – strictly from a footballing point of view

Or whatever. This is probably not going to happen, but what the heck, this is silly season. So…

This article on F365 provides a kind of an answer.

I agree to an extent. When Suarez began to be mentioned, I was of the opinion that the person whose position is most under threat is Podolski. I saw it as — Suarez cutting in from the left, Walcott from the right, and Giroud providing the focal point up top.

I think that just by having Suarez, Arsenal would immediately become a challenger (if they already are not).

But we shall see, shall we? Stop laughing at the back.


F365: The Arsenal Ticketing Myth– Putting an old jibe to rest

Quite shocked that F365 put this mail up. They often don’t do. — But the tides are turning, Wenger is not interesting news any more, now that there are Moyes and Mourinho and Martinez to bite into. But anyway, here’s the mail, from a certain Jon (Season Ticket holder since 1982) Clapham, London

In reply to TJ (Another Dig at Arsenal), Arsenal Season Ticket renewals were sent out on Monday 20 May, the day after Newcastle were vanquished and Champions League qualification was secured. Obvious reason being the club wouldn’t have been able to charge as much for a Europa League campaign. 

I’m pretty sure that with a waiting list to get on the season ticket waiting list, the club don’t need to make up rumours of player transfers, but hey, why let the truth get in the way of a good story hey TJ ??!

I have renewed my season ticket, at the same price as last season and for £989 I get to watch every home league game and receive 8 cup vouchers for the first 8 Champions League and/or FA Cup games next season. I also received a refund of £37 on last season’s as I didn’t use all 8 cup vouchers. Carling Cup tickets can be purchased on top of this for £10 per game.

So, for £989, I get 27 matches at the Emirates, which works out at £36.62 per game to sit bang on the halfway line, lower tier. Seems fairly reasonable for a season of Champions League football……

The constant abuse Arsenal get for high prices is, in my opinion somewhat unfair and a bit of a bugbear of mine. Yes, you can pay £5,000 for a season ticket, for the razzle dazzle of Club Level, with its marbled toilets, free booze and food, but there are a lot more reasonably priced options and £36 a match as an average is very reasonable. Most clubs season tickets only offer league games, with cup games extra on top, which the media very rarely point out. This is why the season ticket prices comparison tables always look distorted with Arsenal coming out top. Taken on average as to the number of games you get to see, it’s not too bad at all….. Just sayin’

F365: When Everyone’s a Football Snob

This is an excellent article. And this is your read for the day, dear reader. Click here to read it. Here’s an excerpt:

Back home that night, angry people on message boards don’t share the moustachioed men’s enthusiasm. They are sniffing about Dortmund fans; football hipsters. Jurgen Klopp, the achingly charismatic Dortmund coach is apparently a fake – although it’s unclear what he’s faking apart from his hair. It seems Dortmund are definitively not cool now. They are old hat. Its fans are poseurs. Borrussia Dortmund are this year’s Barcelona. A team to be tossed about between zealous disciples and jaded misanthropes like a piece of yellowed meat. Dortmund and its ownership model, cheap ticketing and young team has become a prism for us to bicker through and a footballing concept to define ourselves by.

Well done, Tom Young.


Premier League Playoff


(a) Arsenal win 2-1 at St James’ Park;

(b) Chelsea draw 0-0 at the Bridge against the Toffees on the final day,

Both teams will be identical on (a) points (b) GD (c) goals scored (d) goals conceded. 

and there could be a playoff to decide on third place.

Would not happen, surely. But in the realms of possibility. Interesting.

Stat courtesy F365.