Kasey Keller – Guardian Small Talk

Fine, fun interview. Click here to read. Excerpt below.

Which was your favourite out of England, Spain and Germany? Think carefully about this one.

You know, I’ve had such good times everywhere I’ve played – from Millwall being my first club and the new experiences I had there, to Leicester City, where people expected us to be relegated by Christmas but instead we finished in the top-half of the Premier League in all of my three seasons there, as well as getting to to two cup finals. Then I got to go to Spain and be the first American to play in La Liga. With Rayo Vallecano we got promoted and I believe after 16 games we were one point ahead of Barcelona in first place. The next year we lost in the quarterfinals of the Uefa Cup. Then it was Spurs, where I played every minute of every game, league and cup, for over a couple of years, then Gladbach before the World Cup, then Fulham and one of the greatest relegation escapes in Premier League history. And after all that I got to come home to Seattle to 40,000 fans a game in America. It’s been a pretty cool ride!


The Rushmore 5 – Okay, let’s go all Awwal Number then…

Awwal Number movies are not bad movies, because if they were, Victory (the Hurmaan Baweja starrer) would surely have been in. And there have been a lot of movies far worse that the ones in the Rushmore. In fact, a criteria is that the movie should be watchable (why, HHH is indeed better than watchable, it’s a nice movie) …. alternately Chain Khuli Ki Main Khuli is an honest attempt, but you cannot sit through the full movie. So what, then, are Awwal number movies? Awwal Number movies are basically …. hmm, ahem…… Awwal Number movies. Nope, cannot explain. Need to watch it to get it.

All Rounder, Patiala House , Hip Hip Hurray , Dil Bole Hadippa.

There you go.

Awwal Number is not even among the Rushmore of Awwal Number movies.
Poor Aamir.


Have this for an unlikely, yet hilarious analogy.

Selecting a spinner is like choosing a pair of shoes. ……… A spinner must be worn in over a period of time, he must be given time to mould himself to the shape that the team needs and, if he starts to sag a little, he shouldn’t be thrown out, but repaired.

Andrew Hilditch, however, is the Imelda Marcos of selectors………. :)

From Andrew Hughes’ very funny ‘the long handle’ at ESPNCricinfo.

WC10 @Spinstripe – snippets

Does whiskey (and cheap Rs700/- a bottle ones) increase ones humour levels? You might have seen these on my tweet stream already, but I will nonetheless put them here so I can admire them later. Self-glorification, thy name is Godof86.

The answer to the ‘why tweet’ question; or even to the ‘why tweet now’ question:

Blessed are the ones who type without looking at the keyboard, for they shall tweet the #worldcup

On Raymond Domenech:

@acommonfan Zizou, Titi, Ribery, Desailley, Thuram, Trez on one side of the balance, Domenech on the other. He balances out the genius.

Pre-game commentary on stereotypes: This one’s on Argentina:

#arg stereotype-skilful Fds cynical defs. messi can win it on his own. Diego can lose it on his own. correctness-100% #worldcup

The Iconic World cup song:

Awesome! Futt-ball eej awar laaiph.. #worldcup RT @roshnimo @Spinstripe Here, your icon sings the world cup anthem

Interruption before the Korea Greece match:

Raining. #Tatasky not working. Don’t the rain gods know there’s a #worldcup going on?

Footballing names, and their pronunciations:

#gre names ending in -as are pronounced -aas, not -ass, pl confirm, knowledgeable ones. Gekas sounds like geek-ass. Not, right? #worldcup

Greece’s football in the first match:

@SpiceBoxofEarth More than anti-football (which involves time wasting and tough snide defending), it’s no-football by #gre .

#gre has, as of now, rolled over and allowed itself to be tickled #worldcup

Argentina vs Nigeria. Chinedu Obasi, and his bollocks, and Jonas Gutierrez:

Chinedu Obasi gets it on his nuts now. or at least acts as is he does. Wasn’t touched, as the replays show #nga #worldcup

5 minutes later:

Jonas’ love affair with Obasi’s nuts continues. And he’s shown a yellow for that now. #arg #worldcup

On Diego:

Oh Diego you loon! We’ve missed you. we’ve missed you lots! Welcome back, god. #arg #maradona #worldcup

Acomonfan mentions that Lars Lagerback (the Swede NGA coach) seems almost uncommonly happy. He must have received his paycheque. Response:

@acommonfan On Lars Lagerback – Or probably they told him that he is to pay $50 into a bank account, when they will pay him the full amount.

Veron Subed after a poor game. Maxi comes in.

Thanks, El Brujita, but the game has passed you by. Hi Maxi. #arg #worldcup

A visual appreciation of the ARG defence line:

Doesn’t Martin Demichelis look like a porn star? and Walter Samuel like an extra in a gangster movie #arg #worldcup

An appreciation of Jamie Carragher:

Carra is a walking red card. #eng #usa #beatengland #worldcup

Depor’s footballing identity

From this article from the Guardian (which incidentally starts with an awesome writeup on the awesome Getafe – Sevilla match. But this bit is funnier !

Valencia and Deportivo de La Coruña and Valencia (sic.) met on Saturday night – the only two clubs to have stopped Madrid and Barceloina winning every single league title for the last 25 years. And it was utterly, utterly, utterly awful, Valencia winning with Villa’s 15th consecutive successful penalty. Sadly, they’re only going to get worse too. Valencia are already €550m in debt, 24 points off the top and in the summer they’ll have to sell their best players; Depor have already sold what they can, which isn’t much, and are in financial crisis. Maybe it’s not just momentary satisfaction you get for chasing Madrid and Barcelona; maybe the other thing you get is screwed. Still, you have to admire Depor’s commitment to their footballing identity. They never, ever compromise on their style. Even when they’re losing they defend.

Hehe. Bebeto / Makaay fan however.