NBA Finals: Spurs vs Heat

This is a decent round-up for the beginner, from the Guardian (Who are themselves less-than-experts — a few half-baked facts, especially about the SAS ’96 season: it wasn’t a tank job, good heavens! Do read the comments too. Here, have an excerpt.

If anything, the fact that both Wade and Bosh are beat up is probably the biggest advantage the Spurs have. This will sound like a cop out, and most likely is a cop out, but the results of these finals will probably revolve around health. If Wade and Bosh are healthier and more effective than they were during the Eastern Conference finals, the Heat should be able to the defeat the Spurs. If not, the Spurs officially will have the second- and third-best players in the series in Parker and Duncan, and will have a shot at championship No 5.

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PS: Yay, because I’m a Spurs fan (ah the sheer irony of it!)


Western Conference Semis ’08 – Point Guards

This is at the Game 5 stage, with LAL:UTA 3:2 and NOH:SAS 3:2

And among these four teams are surely the three best small guys in the game (And not including Steve Nash – no defence;  or Jason Kidd – too old. Chauncey Billups is included though). And they have all been in sterling form….

Here’s my rating of the three:

1: CP3 will surely have become the best player of his generation, has there not been LeBron.

2. Parker has proven his worth. Not Kobe or CP3 is terms of skills, but his players (esp. Tim and Manu) play great around him.

3. Deron is, unfortunately, third. And he is extremely good. In two years, he will be No. 2.

So there you go. Me and American sports….

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