ESPNCricinfo: Ross Taylor

I am a fan of Ross Taylor. He was an adopted son of Bangalore during the heady early days of  IPL, where there was still some innocence left in the spectacle.

Before betting, before Sreesanth and company, and before two-feet no-balls on the second-last ball of the over.

Taylor. He had lost his way somewhat, for a while. Mouthed off too often, about too many things in the setup. .. Well, this is no transformation, yet. But a reminder that he can still do things which few others can. Read this piece. Click here.


India in New Zealand 09 – Observations

Will India ever be the ruthless world champions of cricket like the West Indies were? Or like Australia was? I have my doubts. India’s team will get better, and might even be the dominant team of the world, the ‘first among equals’ if you will, but that one bane, complacency, might prevent this generation from becoming the Baggy Greens of the 2010-2020 time frame.

And do we know anybody who does not like Jesse Ryder? And Ross Taylor?

I do dislike the fact that it took his foibles to be evident to the cricketing world for me to go beyond the respect / admire and actually become a fan of Sachin.

Arun Lal! Arun Lal! I liked him when he was playing for Bengal and making a proper cricket team out of a rather tag-rag bunch.. and I like him as a commentator. Not spectacular, but solid and consistent. Just like the cricketer, the batsman he was. Will have to write a post on Arun Lal the cricketer some day.

Isn’t Iain O’Brien’s blog (click here) exactly the way you always expected a New Zealand cricketer’s blog to be like?

Can I request all Indian cricket fans to not troll the abovementioned blog?

Dhoni is really the heartbeat of the Indian cricket team.