The OhMyGod Fantasy Football week.


For the ones who do not know:

Fantasy Premier League is the most-played fantasy football game in the world, with nearly 3 Million people playing every year. Doing well in this online real-time football management game is seen by many as a source of major credit (read this).

On the 37th Gameweek of the 2011-12 Fantasy Premier League season.  I was ranked 98th. In the world. A minor debacle in GW 38 made me come down to 212th, which is where I finished the season.

I was probably 4th or 5th in FISO, and 2nd in India.

My greatest ambition in FPL has always been to end the season as 1st in India. I was very close ast season. Someday, I will do better.


Fantasy Premier League – Top 100,000 (Street Cred Posting)

Within top 1000, almost within top 500 in Fantasy Premier League!  Among nearly 3 Million players!

I know I am tempting fate by putting this up, but nonetheless……..Woohoo!

This post is for my Street Cred.

Street Cred


Fantasy Premier League – Top 100,000 (selecting a team 2/3 – MD and FW)

Q1: You know what? You are fairly good. I am doing much better this season, taking in your tips. Now tell me about strikers. And Midfielders.

A1: Okay, here you go. You listening? I will rush through. If you did not get anything, or have a question, you have the comments section. Use it.

Midfielders + Forwards:

Think of them as just the same. They are the ones who get the big points.

Caveat 1. A top assist making midfielder from a good team is equivalent to a top goalscoring forward, i.e. effectively Silva of 2011-12 is as good as Rooney 11-12. Just that Rooney is more costly, and Silva lost his form late season.
Caveat 2: The best forwards – who have the potential to score 2+ goals a week, are better than the Caveat 1 players.
Caveat 3: The top goalscoring midfielders (who have the potential to score 2+ goals a week) are Fantasy Football gold.
Caveat 4: Don’t buy defensive midfielders. Makalele, great as he was, was never an FPL stalwart. No goals, no assists, occasional bonus points, and some red and yellow cards…. Al at about 6M, while you could be ensured more steady returns even from JD2P.
So. Choose 6 of the 8 players now.

4 should be among the ‘very expensive’ bracket, these will be your choice of captains. 2 are cheap as chips.These are your enablers. The only think you have to note about the chips, are that they have regular 90 min game time. Thus the 4.5M irregular starter from Man United is far worse as a Fantasy Football pick  than the 4.5 starter from Wigan. Play-time for these enablers is important because there will be injuries during the FPL season, and when one of your first-teamers is not playing due to injury or rotation, you would like ‘John Doe 2 points (JD2P)’ to come in, rather than 17 year old Arsenal hotshot, who sat in the bench that GW.

Expensive ones will cost at the range of 10M each. Cheap ones will cost 4.5+4.5=9M

So you have got 12 players now. Costing 11+20+40+9 = 80M

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Fantasy Premier League – Top 100,000 (selecting a team 1/3 – GK and DF)

Q1. Okay enough of this lurking the forums and reading rules and all assorted bu**s**t. Let’s get to business shall we? How do you select a team? Here’s my plan. I will get RVP, And Rooney, and Nani, and Aguero, Silva, Van Der Vaart, and fill the rest of the team with 4.0 players. Ah, it is impossible to get a good team done….

A1. No, don’t do that. Here’s the way you build the team. Here’s the writeup:


Assumptions: The newbie understands football and the Premier League. Has got some understanding of the immediate history (last 10 years), and has the patience to follow the game every week, 30 min a day during non-matchdays should be fine. And he/she would read the rules. religiously, every line.

Now here.
1. Start with One rock bottom 1st choice goalkeeper and Petr Cech (in case of non-availability, Man United’s 1st choice).
2. By the 5th week figure out which of the 4.5 or below goalkeepers is the best at getting CS/save points, and replace Cech with him.
3. If the already present Rock bottom guy is working, keep him, else substitute with the best rock bottom guy.
4. Keep to this pricing. Goalkeepers are not substituted often.
5. You can change GKs, but keep to the pricing. The best at the 4.5 M range, and another first choice at the rock bottom price.

1. Remember this acronym. CRD. Repeat after me. CRD. CRD. CRD. Cheapest regular defender.
2. First – your team will need two defenders from top 6 teams (exclude Tottenham, and to keep it simple, Arsenal too. Both TOT and ARS are required sometime if you want to get into the top 1000, but to include those factors for the top 100,000? No. I’ll keep it simple)
3. Get the cheapest of the CRDs in the Man United and Chelsea teams. Smalling? So be it. = 5.5
4. Get the CRD of Man City= 6.0
5. The CRD of Liverpool is preferable over every other defender, if you can afford (Why? Would be cheaper than the CRD of MCY, MUN and CHE generally). Don’t pick him now. Will see about the price later.
6. Pick the one Rock bottom price defender, who is at a medium good team, will be a starter, and you can sometimes depend on him to keep clean sheets against weak opposition (Simpson, Ryan Taylor et al) = 4.0
7. Pick the slightly higher than lower-price defender. Same concept as the CRD. But here the caveat is this is someone who you can expect to keep CSes against all but the top 6 at home = 4.5M

So you go your 4 defenders, for 20M
Plus goalkeepers at 11, to be changed to 8.5 later
6 players at 31M

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Fantasy Premier League – Top 100,000 (the introduction)

Q1. Why should FPL ( matter?
A1. With 2,653,139 players (yes, that’s more than two and a half million players) playing the online game, this is the most popular fantasy football/soccer game in the world. All countries in the world (almost) are represented. It’s big.

Q2. Why should being in the top 100K matter?
A2. Well, for starters, you would be in the top 96 percentile in the world in something related to football. In many parts of the world, that’s a major gloat. Plus, this game has sprung many forums, which you could be part of (with a top 100K rank, you wouldn’t be very respected though. There are guys who make it to the top 1K every year). It takes luck and skill.

Q3. 100K. Should be rather easy, non?
A3. Not really. The first year that I played this game, I stood at about 275K. And I do follow the game.

Q4. I’m somewhat interested. How do we register? Where’s the website?

Q5. Lots of pages and lots of information there. Explain to me in brief bullet points, pretty please?
A5. You manage your own Fantasy team selected from the players in the Barclays Premier League. Pick your squad. With a budget of £100 million, choose a squad of 15 players made up of:
2 Goalkeepers
5 Defenders
5 Midfielders
3 Forwards
No more than 3 players can be selected from a single team.
Scoring – The players in your squad score points based on how they perform in Premier League matches.
Substitutions – You can make one substitution every week for free. Every further sub will take 4 points away from your overall points. There’s a season-long wildcard, which you can use any time within the season and change your full team, and another wildcard in January.

Q6. Wow, nice. How much do I pay to play this game?
A6. Fantasy Premier League is FREE to play. FREE! FREE! FREE!!!

Q7. Is there a prize?
Yeah, but it’s meager. Ignore the prize money aspect. You can make money in other ways.

Q8. This is getting interesting. I can make money? How?
A8. There are leagues that can be joined. Get 10 friends of yours, create a league, and beat them in this game, so that they can never say they know more football than you. Ask each one to shell out 10 bucks, and if you win, you can get 100 quid at the end of it all. Or lose your 10. How does that sound?

Q9. Good. Very good. I will win of course, and I will get not 10, but 30 people to join my league. Anybody can start a league?
A9. Yes. And don’t get too cocky. There are a lot of forums which dole out free advise. And you will anyway choose Carroll. And Chamakh. And Torres. And Vidic will get sent off. And so will Balotelli.

Q10. I like Balotelli.
A10. So do I. But if he sees a red card, it’s -3 points. And if he is rotated by Mancini, one of your reserve players will come in for the Gameweek.

Q11. Ouch. But anyways, I’m game. This is fun alright. How can I increase the fun?
A11. Join a forum. FantasyFootballScout and FISO are two of the most famous. I am at FISO. There are a lot of nice folks there, if you are thick-skinned enough to get past the first few days’ heckling.

Q12. Oh these nerds heckle too, eh?
A12. Yes, and they can get rather nasty. I was not heckled much, though. That’s because I lurked and shut up till I could understand the nuances of the forum.

Q13. I like fantasyfootballscout. It’s nice and colourful. In the comments, why do the guys put up names of 15 players, and say RMT?
A13. What could it be? Take a guess.

Q14. Eh…. RMT. Rub my t.. uh, no. Run me through? Riches, Money, Treasures? What the hell? I am bad at this… oh wait. Rank. My. Team. Rate My Team. Right?
A14. Right. Rate my team.

Q15. Okay then that’s what I need to do. Get a team, ask people to rate it, and do as I am told. All set?
A15. Sure. Just that you cannot blame them when Rooney goes on his ten-game slumps. You pays the money, you makes the decision.

Q16. Uh. Ok. You still say I should take your advice. Why? Are you any good.
A16. I am an okay player, you can choose not to take my advise. Two seasons ago, I just missed the top 1K, and was 6th in India. I am generally within the top 20K.

Q17. So you are kinda ok at this. Not too good though.
A17. Yes, kinda ok and not too good. My advice, and your football knowledge, should have a very good chance to get you to the top 100K. Not this season of course, it’s almost a quarter completed. But next season, if you start from the first Gameweek. You can join in this season to get a hang of things though. For any better than 100K, you join a forum. They are helpful.

Q18. Yes, that I have. Football knowledge, that is. Okay, let’s start.
A18. Okay. You registered? Looked around? You are set now? Okay, let’s go… wait for my next post.

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