Kasey Keller – Guardian Small Talk

Fine, fun interview. Click here to read. Excerpt below.

Which was your favourite out of England, Spain and Germany? Think carefully about this one.

You know, I’ve had such good times everywhere I’ve played – from Millwall being my first club and the new experiences I had there, to Leicester City, where people expected us to be relegated by Christmas but instead we finished in the top-half of the Premier League in all of my three seasons there, as well as getting to to two cup finals. Then I got to go to Spain and be the first American to play in La Liga. With Rayo Vallecano we got promoted and I believe after 16 games we were one point ahead of Barcelona in first place. The next year we lost in the quarterfinals of the Uefa Cup. Then it was Spurs, where I played every minute of every game, league and cup, for over a couple of years, then Gladbach before the World Cup, then Fulham and one of the greatest relegation escapes in Premier League history. And after all that I got to come home to Seattle to 40,000 fans a game in America. It’s been a pretty cool ride!


Heurelho Gomes redux

Back in 2008, more than 2 years ago, I cribbed that he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and that he will be joining Spurs. Unfortunately, he won them a match against my team on Wednesday. (Click here)

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Portsmouth 2-0 Tottenham

May this one be for Avram Grant, a decent, humane man in a game that has few of those these days. And an excellent, excellent coach, and who will only get the respect his skills deserve, Roy Hodgson style, way past the due date. In a world fascinated by the Mourinhos and the ‘arry Redknapps, Grant and Hodgson are wonderful throwbacks. And yes, indeed. Yesterday’s game, and days like these are the reason why we love this game.

Check this out from Kevin-Prince Boateng, from the Guardian (click here)

Boateng had been sidelined with an ankle injury since early February and he saluted his manager, Avram Grant, for providing him with the inspiration to get through the 120 minutes of play after more than two months out of action.

“I have no idea how I managed to get through today,” Boateng admitted. “I think I just had the confidence in my head because the gaffer was behind me. He told me I could do it.

“He asked me if I was OK after 90 minutes and I said I was, so he replied: ‘OK, now I want to see you do more.’ That’s what he’s like. He always wants to see more and that’s what made me believe I could make it.”

Here’s to Avram Grant, a proper football man.

At the risk of re-stating the oft-stated..


Dan Levy and Sp*rs ….. Dimi ….. ManUre…


Alex Ferguson and ManUre…. CRonaldo ….. Real Madrid….


And ‘Sir‘ talks of Real showing disrespect to him and his club!!!

Her highness, wouldn’t you like to take the knighthood back from such a lying, conniving, two-faced scumbag as this?